I took my daughter into Target late last week for a much deserved reward after having an excellent week at school.  The first few weeks of the school year were really tough for her…we had been dealing with some challenges and last week she really turned a corner!  We went over to the children’s section, picked out one of the “Friends” Lego sets (her current favorite) and headed to the cash register. On the way out we walked past the women’s clothing section (which I honestly had not given a second glance to since high school) and to my amazement I saw the exact same plaid blazer I wore in last weeks blog post!  Everything was the same, the print, the buttons, the length, the fit, everything. The only difference was the price tag. The blazer from last week’s post was $495. The blazer I’m wearing below is $34.99! This inspired me and I began to explore the racks. I’m excited to show you (and myself) how to dress chic and on trend at a fraction of the price. All of the items in this post are from Target, and all three combined, head to toe, came to a total of $335, roughly $100 per outfit!  

The look below cost me $124.54 in total and is made by “A New Day.”  This was the most expensive of the three outfits, but in this look you get five items, not to mention a super chic blazer that can be compared to those from $495 to $550+!  The belted crossbody bag is “Who What Wear” and checks out at $24.99. This bag can compare to Gucci’s belt bag which tops $1,100.00. What’s even more interesting, I’ve gotten more compliments on this belt bag than I have on all of my designer bags combined. People are utterly shocked when I tell them I got it at Target!

Rebecca Minkoff US

TOTAL – $124.54

The next look is super fun and is also from “A New Day.” collection.  I love these olive green skinny ankle pants. The blouse I’m wearing is so soft and is definitely going to be a staple of mine.  I have other white button ups, stiff in material from Madewell, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor to name a few and this one from A New Day is quite frankly the most comfortable at a fraction of the price!  Another favorite part of this outfit is the metallic penny loafers. Loafers are definitely coming back around and these are so light and comfortable. They bring out the loafer trend, the funky metallic color and the stacked sole that is super popular right now.

The least expensive of the three outfits, this one checks out at under $100.


TOTAL: $97.96

This last look makes me think “chic mommy on the go”.  Once again with the compliments, I’ve worn these mules a few times since I got them and I have gotten SO MANY compliments!  By the way, not only do these look good… but the quality is really amazing. Quite frankly, better than some high-end designer shoes. These have a solid wood heal and the studs actually go through the boot rather than being glued on.  If you read the reviews on these stunners you will see they are topped out at five stars with reviewers raving about the quality, style and comfort.


The pants in this look are another piece of this outfit I have to rave about.  Standing 5’10” I always worry about pants being too short but these are perfect in length and the quality of them is really remarkable. I am a girl that loves a high waist and these are high waist and tuck in all the right places.

TOTAL: $112.96

This post was really an eye opener for me.  It showed me you don’t have to spend $495 on that expensive blazer to be fashion-forward. Target is partnering with brands to bring forward fashionable – obtainable, inexpensive pieces that won’t break the bank. Does this mean I won’t be purchasing the luxury items, no it doesn’t.  I love to stand behind brands, boutiques and department stores that fit the mold of what I am passionate about. However, there is one thing I can promise you, you will never see me advertise anything or anyone I cannot stand behind. You have my word!

If you have questions or comments, as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Photography Credit – Pablo Raya – IG @praya1

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  1. July 22, 2019 / 12:31 pm

    Love these outfits! You wear them so well.

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