Anxiety… Pain…. Confusion – hidden behind a mask. How did I even get here?…

As soon as I was completely honest with myself, it became clear. I woke up and my mask dropped – I was exposed and vulnerable.

Rebecca Minkoff US

On my mat, I fell down…. again and again and again.

By falling down and getting back up, the pain became an opportunity to heal, failure became my fresh start. The breakdowns became breakthroughs. Every day I roll out my mat, I set my intention to honor myself and to live life authentically.

Yoga is the bridge to my inner light and it lights the fire within me. Here is where I find infinite consciousness – my inner connection.

Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once said: “Our life is a dream we are asleep, but once in a while, we wake up enough to know that we are dreaming.”

See, It’s not what we go through in life, it’s how we go through life that makes all the difference.

I am joy, I am the truth, I am love, I am awake.

but darling
you are a river.
the rocks will
break you.
the valleys will bend you.
but you will never
because that is what you do.
you flow.
– Vinati

Video by Aaron Schwartz

Location – Down Dog Yoga – Georgetown, DC

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