I was 22 when I landed on my mat for the first time. I was excited, anxious, scared all at once. My practice helped me conquer my fears and anxieties and gave me the space to come into my mind, in a healthy through a physical practice.

I remember a few months to a year later after many, many times to my mat, the moment I got lost in my practice. Or, maybe I should say when I found myself in my practice.  I remember beginning the practice in my head and through the asanas and breath I was at peace – I was in moving meditation. I remember “waking up” in the final OM’s with my teacher Patty Ivy, and it was the most beautiful moment that I will never forget. That moment and that practice changed the course of my life. I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without my yoga practice.

I succumbed to my fears, I let go of my anxiety, dropped the judgement of myself and I stepped on to my mat, into my body and mind over and over. I became (and am still becoming) fearless, free and powerful. Flow with me!

Namaste. #ALOGIVES

Learn more – http://www.alogives.com

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