Here it is! Capital Pride 2019 starts tomorrow here in DC, and I am so excited to honor such a historic and important celebration on my blog this month. I’ve partnered with photographer Pablo Raya and Alice and Olivia Georgetown to bring more awareness around Capital Pride 2019 and the events taking place here in DC for my followers!

To provide some background on Capital Pride to those of you who aren’t familiar with the organization, the non-profit here in Washington, D.C., serves, celebrates, educates, supports, and inspires multifaceted communities to grow and preserve LGBTQ+ history and protect their rights for current and future generations. The organization throws an annual massive, multi-day celebration, and this year it will be held from May 31st through June 9th. The festivities begin this Friday with a kick-off party at the American Art Museum. At this event, Capital Pride will acknowledge outstanding individuals, leaders, and activists who have furthered the causes important to the LGBTQ+ community in the national capital region and beyond.

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Capital Pride here in Washington, DC., has made incredible strides over the past 54 years. The festival was founded in 1975 as “Gay Pride Day” and was originally a one-day block party and street festival. In 1975 the block party drew in 2,000 people and grew to 10,000, covering 3 blocks by 1979. In 1984 it expanded to a week-long event. By 1987, 28,000 people attended the street festival and parade. Today, the parade attracts 100,000 people, and over 250,000 people attend events over the week-long celebration. It’s incredible to witness and be a part of the growth of the LGBTQ+ community and their organizations here in the DC area.

As I began my partnership with Alice and Olivia and collaborating with the team out of Georgetown, I came across the rainbow tie-dye collection beautifully showcased front and center in the middle of the boutique. I immediately had a vision of displaying the pieces from this collection across the monuments of DC. Through this post, I wanted to pay homage to the LGBTQ+ community in my way – through fashion. In full-on “Britt” style, I’ve used the Alice and Olivia rainbow tie-dye collection and created a rainbow inspired shoot with Pablo using DC as our backdrop.


Just as Alice and Olivia’s capsule collection featuring the work of renowned artist Keith Haring, this collection brings forward a bright, bold, and powerful message, and I wanted to bring that forward in this post.

I took my next look at the “Rise Up” exhibit at the Newseum. “Rise Up” is a perfect stop during pride week to explore the modern gay rights movement in the United States. The exhibit marks the 50th anniversary of a June 1969 police raid of the Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village. “Rise Up” explores what happened at the Stonewall Inn and how it gave rise to a 50-year fight for civil rights for LGBTQ Americans. This exhibit will be on display through December 31st, 2019. It’s a year-long program featuring journalists, politicians, and other newsmakers who have led the fight for equality. After its year-long stay at the Newseum, the exhibit will travel nationally. Find out more information here.

This next look really hits the mark as the grand finale. When Pablo and I were shooting, it down poured for about an hour; we waited for the rain out because we knew after the rain comes the rainbow. In this case, I would be standing as the rainbow in front of the most powerful building in America for all my friends in the LGBTQ+ community. Every one of us has the ability to use our voice to spread kindness, love, and important messages. With rain comes a rainbow; with adversity comes the opportunity for growth… for change. This is so important for everything in life, and we see that in organizations like Capital Pride, Museums like the Newseum highlighting impactful exhibits, and in you and I. It is so inspiring to see the gay community continue to overcome obstacles and breakthrough barriers – no matter what is put in their path. I am humbled, encouraged, and proud of the fearlessness, tenacity, vulnerability, and passion the community has evoked over decades and continues to display not only for our generation but for generations to come.

The parade itself will take place on June 8th from 4:30 PM – 8:00 PM. Over 200 organizations will walk 1.5 miles expressing themselves with floats, vehicles, signs, banners, and entertainment to commemorate LGBTQ+ history and support the community, making this parade one of DC’s favorite and most impactful events. The parade will begin at 21st and P, travel through Dupont and end at the African American History Museum. There will be a block party held at Dupont from 4 PM – 10 PM. For more information about Pride 2019 and the events that will take place during the week, visit –

Join me in celebrating the tremendous accomplishments the LGBTQ+ community has made. Here are 14 Capital Pride events you won’t want to miss via Let’s keep rising!!


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