To boldly go where no man… has gone before.


How can we implement this into our own life? Can you challenge yourself to go boldly where no one has gone or will ever go? Meaning, where can you go within yourself, within your own body mentally, physically and spiritually?

I take every day on as an opportunity to explore new things about myself, take on challenges, learn new things – the tangible and intangible. I challenge you to go boldly where YOU have never gone before, rise to the occasion whatever it may be. Make the shifts in your life that will drive you forward. No one will ever go where you have gone or will go before because you have a unique journey tailored to you. No one is you and no one will ever be you, therefore go on boldly, without fear, without hesitation. Follow your intuition to new places, new heights, new worlds, new life… Those that are meant to meet you there will. Trust.

x – Britt

Photo by @bycait

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