Shifting to Sustainability While Staying On-Trend This Fall

Over the past year I have been more aware of my actions and how they affect the world and the people around me. In shifting my perspective to quality over quantity and sustainability at the forefront, I’m not only saving money but I’m also keeping ecological integrity in mind. 

In a world of fast fashion and “instagrammable moments,” I would purchase items wearing them once without intending to wear them again. It was an unhealthy and unrealistic way of thinking. I was overly consumed with the need to fill a void within myself. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I had a breakthrough and decided to donate the majority of my wardrobe (which I did this past summer), invest in trans-seasonal items, and purchase for quality instead of quantity. Now, I only purchase an item if I know I will wear it multiple times. I’ve changed what I splurge on and I invest in items that will last. Here is a link from Harper’s Bazaar that provides tips on how you can dress more sustainable in 2019 and beyond. In the article they mention; “Buying 10-30 high-quality items a year, rather than 60 cheaper, less eco-friendly pieces will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Basically, save up, invest and buy less.”

Rebecca Minkoff US

For example, I purchased the Maje suit below knowing I can wear the skirt and blazer separately with different pieces. The blazer can be worn with jeans, and the skirt with a t-shirt and a jean jacket. When it comes to fashion, I absolutely want to stay on-trend with certain items, so I’ve found a way to shop the latest styles without breaking the bank. I’ve found various ways to bring in my staple items, such as a silk black slip dress with the trendy snakeskin boot or dress my black boot up with a trendy bold print dress. Knowing the snake skin boot likely will not stick around for long, instead of buying an expensive pair, I bought a pair for under $200. In this post you’ll see my favorite looks including staple pieces, on-trend items and how I have paired them together to keep my intention of sustainability in mind. 

The Power Suit

This Maje Paris suit is no doubt a show stopper. I purchased this item knowing I can wear each piece individually. Generally, suits are great investment pieces because you can wear it as a set or separately. You can wear the suit to the office and then change it up for a night out with the girls by simply keeping the jacket and swapping the turtle neck with a silk cami, change out the bottoms and add a skinny jean and pump. Knowing this set will last me for years, I purchased it with the quality and versatility in mind. 

The Leather Mini

Ok, I’ll admit it. I splurged a bit on this leather mini – and that’s ok. We all deserve a splurge item every now and again! When purchasing a quality item, knowing it will get tons of use brings me back to my intention. When I put this skirt on it was a must have and it brought me joy. I’ve tried on a few leather mini’s over the years (some faux) but they never fit right. I love the ruffle detail on the side of this Sandro piece. This was absolutely a splurge item, but I know it is a timeless skirt that will be in my wardrobe for many years to come.

I’m wearing the leather mini with a classic camel turtleneck and black wrap coat. Both of which can be worn in various ways, time after time.


The cashmere turtleneck… This my friends, has a story behind it. For a long time I would purchase quality items and not wear them because I would be afraid I would spill, rip or ruin it in some way. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have nice items like cashmere growing up. I had to work and purchase my own clothes if I wanted Abercrombie and Fitch jeans or American Eagle sweaters. So when I purchased this sweater it sat in my closet for over a year until my therapist and I talked about my relationship with clothing. During my session one day she told me to wear my cashmere sweater for multiple days straight and challenge myself by styling it in various ways. I took on that challenge and have worn it consistently ever since. I wear it with yoga pants and tennis shoes, jeans and boots and with my Maje skirt above. The options are endless. This is absolutely a sustainable, long term use item that will be around for years to come. Here I have it paired with a Burberry trench that I purchased in London on my 30th birthday 3 years ago, my go-to Rag and Bone jeans and black boots.

Statement Boot

The “on-trend” statement boot… I purchased these Sam Edelman snakeskin boots knowing I would only get this year and maybe next out of them. Trends like this only last a few years so I intended on not splurging on this item. Nevertheless, I’m absolutely on board and love how the boots can make a solid dress pop.

This post is the first of many that you’ll see on my blog where sustainability – wearing items multiple ways and keeping cost in mind will be at the forefront. I hope this was helpful for you in not only staying on trend, but keeping your focus on re-using, re-wearing and shopping your closet and not the stores. All it takes is that first step. 

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  1. lucy staquet
    January 16, 2020 / 10:55 am

    Good continuation in your ecological choices.
    It is unfortunate that this state of mind is not yet general…
    Very nice outfit !
    Several of them make me a bluffing effect !


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