Your Time is Now.

This video is intended to spark the desire within you to shift something, anything in your life that is holding you back. When I came up with this video concept, I thought to myself, what did I need to hear 2 years ago at the most difficult time in my life? What words did I need to hear to give me hope for the future when my future was so uncertain?

My mission is served if just one person knows after watching this video that when you are at your lowest and when you’ve given up, you will rise and overcome great obstacles. I’m proof. My suffering gave me strength; my mistakes gave me wisdom. My pain turned into power. Despite it all, I moved forward.

Rebecca Minkoff US

Your dreams can be your reality. Take the first step, believe in yourself…. Love yourself…. TRUST YOURSELF. Continue to persevere. Remember, no matter how dark it gets, the sun will rise again.

YOU hold the power over your life. Your time is NOW. This is your destiny.

Video by: Ivan Anhe

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