Brittany “Britt” Wells has spent the better part of the past decade building brands, empowering women, and serving as a positive force in the content creator + fashion community.  A DC-based speaker, writer, and model, Britt is blessed with a global perspective and an infectious spirit of positive energy that builds momentum for the causes she’s passionate about.  Her mission is to empower others to be the best version of themselves through mindfulness, yoga, sustainability, and kindness while using her popular blog and social channels to bring awareness to the healing power of self-care and truth. 

As she works towards obtaining her degree in International Relations at Georgetown University, she has a Human Resources career. She is an advisory committee for Karana Rising, an innovation space where survivors lead, create and support other survivors in their own journey to heal and thrive after being victim to human trafficking. Britt hopes that through education and her partnerships, she can continue in her mission to become a strong force in the fight against human trafficking while simultaneously uplifting and empowering survivors.

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