My mission is to empower women to re-discover or un-cover their strength and courage from within. By sharing my ongoing journey of self-discovery and enlightenment my hope is to inspire women to be the best version of themselves. The purpose behind sharing my story is to provide the tools that have enabled me to gain control of my life and let go of what doesn’t serve me. I’ve learned through yoga and meditation, deep discovery, taking accountability, dropping judgement of myself and others to live every day with a goal of growth and self-awareness.

By asking myself these questions I am continuously challenging myself to live my life every day by my core values.

  1. Am I uplifting others?
  2. Am I inspiring and connecting with others?
  3. Am I living my life in a genuine way?

By asking myself these questions daily, I continue to check in on what matters and let go of my ego. If we can tap into what really matters take the time to connect, share our stories and provide support and resources we can drive real change.  This isn’t about what divides us (religion, politics, economic status) it’s about the things that unite us.